The following are Helpful Links related to
Eosinophilic Disorders

This is the website of American Partnership For Eosinophilic Disorders.  It is very
informative regarding the disorders and has many resources listed on the site


Cured is a Not For Profit Organization Dedicated to RAISING RESEARCH MONEY to
find a
CURE for EGID.  
100% of all funds donated to CURED go to Research.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia website
***CHOP is a leading authority on diagnosing, treating & studying  these disorders***
The link will take you directly to information on Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  For further
information on the disorders go to and search for "Eosinophilic"

Cincinnati  Children's  Hospital website
***Cincinatti Children's is a leading authority on diagnosing, treating & studying
these disorders. Dr. Marc Rothenberg is a leading researcher & recently discovered
the genetic marker for EE***

Support Groups Online
There are quite a few  ONLINE Eosinophilic Disorder and Food Allergy Support
Groups available on Yahoo!  Most groups do require FREE MEMEBRSHIP.  
Our Eosinophilic Tucson Group does not endorse any particular group, but our
members have found the online support groups to offer helpful  shared knowledge
and valuable support.  Please use caution when obtaining any medical advice from
non-medical professionals  &   
ALL  health care decisions should be discussed with
your physician first.

To Join a Group Go to:

Yahoo Groups

Search for ‘eosinophilic’ or  'food allergy'
********DISCLAIMER******The information shared on this website and from members is done so with the sole
purpose of Support and Knowledge sharing. It is
not intended to replace your Medical Professional in any way. We
have a lot of shared knowledge due to a personal interest in these disorders,  but
 we are NOT doctors,  and do not
intend to present that impression.  Please consult your doctor before making any changes in the care of the
Eosinophilic OR Other Patient. ********