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Anthony is now 6 years old!  He has had a LONG and DIFFICULT ROAD
with Eosinophilic Gastroenteropathy.  He was diagnosed at 18 months with
Eosinophilic Esophagitis(EE), Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis(EG) & Esoinophilic
ColitisE(EC).  Soon after, he  began treatment with Elemental Diet (Hypo-
Allergenic Amino Acid Based Medical Food Formula) administered via a
Surgically placed GTUBE/ Feeding Tube which he calls his "
."  He has been on FORMULA since 18 months of age.   Foods are
slowly being reintroduced & he currently is doing very well.

From infancy, his parents noticed that he seemed to be delayed in his
developmental milestones, such as sitting up, crawling, gross & fine motor
skills ,as well as not tolerating any foods.  
Reflux, projectile vomitting &
were DAILY occurences for this child.  Breathing issues were also a
common problem.   Frequent trips to the pediatrician & other specialists  
revealed no all tests came back NORMAL.   Since Anthony
remained in the 90th percentile for Weight & his Height percentile was
decreasing slowly, there did not initially seem to be great concern.  However,
as time progressed & his symptoms got worse, the alarm grew.  Fortunately,
a Blessing came in Disquise.  This lillte boy suddenly was afflicted with
another rare disorder called
Guillian Barre which paralyzed him ,
temporarily.  This hospitalization was a Turning Point with his medical
prognosis.  This stay would FINALLY reveal not only answers to this new
crisis, but answers to all of the other former symptoms.  While hospiatlized
for the Guillian Barre, he was silently aspirating into his lungs, and  it
became necessary to place an NG Tube to provide his nutrition~Neocate
Formula.  While  on this formula, Anthony's mother observed a COMPLETE
TURNAROUND in her child.  He was much more responsive, alert, not
vomitting & he seemed to feel much better.  This would prove to be a BIG
CLUE.  As treatment for the Guillian Barre, he recieved 6 IVIG Treatments,
he did not respond well & was classified as Chronic Guillian Barre.  

Due to his complicated medical situation, his parents decided to seek
medical advice from one of the top Pediatric Hospitals in the
country~Cinncinnattii Children's Hospital.  It was there that answers were
finally provided as to what had plagued him from infancy.  Cinncinnattii finally
diagnosed Anthony with
returning to Tucson, his GTUBE was surgically placed and Anthony's
medical treatment of FORMULA ONLY.  
Drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors
(PPIs)/Acid blockers & other Drug therapies were also administered with
However, the FORMULA would prove invaluable and turned his
body and life around.  Anthony began getting taller, stronger, his
developmental areas were finally improving, his speech improved & most
importantly he stopped VOMMITTING.  Since his body was FINALLY
recieving the nutrients it needed to grow, he began to thrive.

Although he is improving in all areas....a LONG ROAD LIES ahead.   He has
recieved years of therapy, including SPEECH, ORAL MOTOR FUNCTION,
PHYSICAL & OCCUPATIONAL, which will need to continue.   He continues to
TRIAL FOODS & has a Limited Diet.  It is not an easy path, for Anthony or
the entire family.  

Anthony is a JOKESTER and seems to handle his LIFE with Humor.  
I LIKE Sharks!
Aquarium in MAUI
School 1st Grade
& Rocking out to
Being the youngest of 4 children.....Anthony is part of a
big, loving Italian family.
He loves Video Games, Video Games, Video  Games.....
and also loves to be the CENTER of ATTENTION where
his humor plays a BIG Role!
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Eosinophilic Tucson Support Group
"Anthony, 3, clearly does not share the
enthusiasm of his mother, Denise
Bianchi, as she fills his feeding tube. He
hasn't eaten food for four months".  
To read more about Anthony's
on the LINK Below
Tucson Citizen Newspaper Article
"A feeding tube inserted into his
stomach through the abdominal wall
brings Anthony Bianchi his only food."
NOTE:  Anthony is now Food Trialing.  This
article was written in 2005 & profiles his &
Sam's experiences at that point in time.
has changed since that point.  The disease is
unpredictable & ever changing.  Also, there
are ERRORS in the article, but the awareness
created for the disease was invaluable for
many families.