Ryan's Page
RYAN is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. Healthwise, he was a pretty typical child.  When he
was 2 years old he caught a bad stomach bug, giving him severe watery diarrea, lasting 2 weeks.
 After this bug, he seemed to become much more PICKY in what he would eat.  Sometimes he
would eat a meal and vomit afterwards. Around 7, he seemed to be plagued with Chronic STREP
THROAT INFECTIONS.  In hindsight his EGID symptoms have been around for years, however
did not become severe until August 2006.  It was then that the road began in trying to find a
diagnosis for his symptoms of stomach pain, weakness, limb pain & weakness, dizziness &
shakiness, sore throats, lack of energy, chest pain& off & on constipation.  After much testing and
doctors visits he finally had his first endoscpoy.  That revealed that his biopsies were POSITIVE
EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS (EE).   Finally an answer to all of these ellusive symptoms.  
This new diagnosis led to Food Allergy Tests which revealed NO  Answers....as is typical of many
EGID Patients.  However....it is clear that foods do play a big role in how he feels & reacts.

Since Ryan was diagnosed with EE it has been a difficult road.  As can be imagined, this disease
affects a child in MANY ways...not only physically.  It also can affect them emotionally.  While it
has been a rough road emotionally for both Ryan AND His Family....things have improved to
some degree.  Ofcourse there are UPS & DOWNS......BOTH in Emotional & Physical symptoms of
this disease.   A common hurdle that many EGID kids face is having to miss a lot of school and
social activities as a result of their disease.  Missing school became such a big issue that Ryan
had to be on HOMEBOUND Instruction for 1/2 of the last school year.   This school year
continues with ups and downs and he has had quite a few absences this year.  It seems that for
Ryan the
TIME OF YEAR  plays a BIG ROLE in how bad he feels.

He has upcoming PATCH Testing to hopefully help determine what FOODS MIGHT be playing a
part and his family is hopeful that more answers will be revealed.

Ryan loves Roller Hockey, Video Games, Movies, His Dogs, Playing with his friends, Loves to
Draw, Pirates, Drums, Guitar, Club Penguin & Music on his ipod.

Ryan is a good kid, very sensitive and empathetic, caring, quiet at times, and has a great sense
of humor.  He makes his mom laugh and is the apple of her eye, as is her daughter.  
Ryan and his sister, Tessa.
Ryan is holding his pet tortoise.    
(March 2007)
November 30, 2006 (just before his diagnosis, he
was not feeling well here) He's eating an orange.
(oranges and apples are the only fruits he will eat
and carrots the only veggie.)
Ryan and his dog Bailey who
cheers him up when he's sick.
Ahoy Matey!
My Family
Polar Express Train Ride
  10th birthday party            
Feeling good!
Mount Lemmon
(December 2007)
Kona, Hawaii
FUN in the SNOW!
Fountains near the Seattle Aquarium
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Playing roller hockey
"Hockey helps me forget about my
stomach pain."