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Lucas joined our family in January of 2002. There were no complications with his birth. He had no
significant health issues until he started on a solid food diet at age four months (mom combined
breast milk and formula up until seven months).   At this time, Lucas began to show rashes on his
face that became more severe. Unfortunately at that time, our pediatrician sent us to a
dermatologist instead of an allergist.  The topical treatments he prescribed only kept the rash in
check but the problem was not alleviated. For the remainder of his first year, Lucas met or
exceeded the typical child development milestones. He walked at age nine months, defeated all of
the baby-proofing locks around the house, babbled regularly and said "mama" occasionally.   He
enjoyed playing with his older brother and was outgoing and engaging with non-family members.

Lucas started to withdraw at around age thirteen months. Over the next few months he played
less and less with his brother and father. He no longer engaged other people, became quiet and
started "stim" behaviors.  We had an initial assessment of "risk of autism" by the U of A-Health
Sciences Center in July 2003.  We started with AZEIP shortly thereafter and started researching
about autism.  
Lucas was not sleeping well and was becoming more irritable.  This certainly took a considerable
toll on the rest of the family.  The book "Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD" by Karyn
Seroussi enlightened us on food allergy problems related to autism. We saw an allergist who
pursued allergy testing for Lucas who revealed many food allergies (including wheat and dairy). In
addition to that, we consulted with a gastroenterologist (Dr. Ghishan) to check any stomach
problems (due to the high allergy score for wheat) and found out that he has reflux disease and
Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  We worked with Carmen P. Smith (autism dietician) to create a diet for
Lucas. We placed him on a GCCF and other allergen-free diet. In less than a week, he began
sleeping through the night and his skin rash totally disappeared. He has become happier and his
health has improved tremendously.
In December 2003, a neurologist diagnosed Lucas with autism, followed by a DDD-certified
psychologist later. In 2004, his mother wrote to Autism Research Institute- c/o Dr. Bernard
Rimland. The vaccinations made his situation worse. Next came the round of consultations with
government agencies, and other professionals. We started his ABA program in May 2004 with D.
Lucky as our consultant. Since then Lucas has learned some basic sign language and PECS as
his communication tools. He is also starting to use word approximation, all thanks to his ABA
program and the combination of changes we made in his life.

Lucas has seen Dr. Cindy Schneider in Phoenix (D.A.N. doctor) for additional biomedical
treatments.  He is making progress but has a long road ahead of him.  His EE condition has
worsened, so presently we see Dr. M. Daines and his wife at UPH for additional support. He is
doing well at school, and is very successful with the help of a program aide (1:1) full constant
supervision (because of behaviors and allergies). He has a great team of people working with and
for him- from tutors, and therapists (OT, PT, music, and speech).  We continue to seek other ways
of helping our son lead a fulfilling life.

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